Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

The following is an agreement between the Go RVing Canada, (hereby referred to as, ‘GRVC’, ‘The Company’, ‘The Agency’, or ‘We’, ‘Our’, ‘Us’) and individuals (hereby referred to as ‘User(s)’ or ‘You’, ‘Yours’) using our websites, including “staging-gorvingcanada.kinsta.cloud/liberté-en-vr.ca” (hereby referred to as ‘The Site’ ).


The Site, “staging-gorvingcanada.kinsta.cloud”, is owned and operated by the GoRVing Canada, and is comprised of various web pages.

The Site is offered to you conditioned on your acceptance, without modification, of the terms, conditions, and notices contained herein. Moreover, your use of The Site, or any of our other sites governed by this agreement, constitutes your agreement to all such terms, conditions, and notices. As such it is recommended that you review this document before making use of The Site.

We are by nature, a non-profit business and the services that we provide are done so in an effort to help users with the intention of RVing and travelling in Canada.

Links to Other Sites

The Site may contain links to other websites (hereby referred to as ‘Linked Site(s)’). These Linked Sites are not necessarily under our control, and we are not responsible for their content, including without limitation: any changes or updates made to the Linked Site; or any further links contained within that Linked Site; any other form of information or transmission received from the Linked Site. We provide these links for the sole purpose of benefiting users, and only as a convenience. Furthermore, the inclusion of any link does not necessarily imply our endorsement of the Linked Site.


All material contained on The Site is subject to copyright laws unless otherwise noted. You are free to use the content for non-commercial purposes, such as personal use, school essays, media articles, etc. provided you do not modify it, and provided that you retain all copyrights and other proprietary notices contained in the content. We require that you obtain our written consent to copy or display any portion of the content with the intent of redistribution to third parties, or for commercial purposes.

If you have any questions about the use of materials on The Site, we would ask that you contact us prior to use.


We are dedicated to respecting your right to reasonable privacy and confidentiality while using The Site. Information that you provide to us by email, will only be used for the purpose that it was intended in the email. In addition, no lists of contacts are generated, and you will not receive notifications or news items, unless you indicate an interest.

The Privacy Policy itself is part of the unconditional agreement that you enter by choosing to use The Site. For further information, we suggest that you read the document here.

Liability Disclaimer

The information, software, products, and services included in or available through The Site, come from many different sources, and is checked thoroughly and continuously. It is provided on with the sole purpose of assisting our users. We use reasonable efforts to ensure that the information we provide is current and accurate, and as a result, we and our suppliers may periodically make changes to the information. But despite our best efforts, the changing nature of the industry and our members will result in inaccuracies and topographical errors. Errors of this nature are unavoidable and as a result, we take no responsibility for any loss, injury, or other inconvenience sustained by any person resulting from information published on these networks. Use of the information provided here is done so at your own risk and we recommend that any information gained here that is vital to you, be doubled checked with another source.

The Blogs

All posts hosted by the blog section in The Site have been reviewed and deemed acceptable by our standards. As with the rest of The Site they are hosted with the sole intent of providing beneficial information to our users. They have been reviewed for inaccuracies and typographical errors, and are checked periodically to keep up to date, but they should not be assumed fool-proof. Despite our best efforts to the contrary, the information within the blogs cannot be guaranteed to be accurate, and we recommend that any information you take from the blogs deemed to be vital should be confirmed by another source.

Moreover, any views and opinions expressed therein are understood to be solely the views and opinions of the blog author, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the GoRVing Canada. If you are offended by any of the views in the blogs, or discover information that is not current and accurate, we encourage you to contact us so that we might rectify the issue.

All content, including these terms and conditions, and the Privacy Policy, is subject to change without notice. We encourage you to verify any critical information directly with the business and/or relevant authorities before you book, travel or arrive at your destination.

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